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Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Benny Wylde is a relaxed documentary style wedding photographer based in Australia, serving couples around the world.

I'm a simple guy, I love taking photos of people, I love Ace Ventura and I love pineapple on pizza

For the peeps that just want delicious photos of themselves that bring back a nostalgic feeling of the day

My mantra is to capture raw & authentic true to life images

Quick Benny facts

-I own 32 cameras
-I have drank 5 coffees in my life
-I have shot 350 weddings and counting
-My legs hit the back of the seat in front of me in an aeroplane
-I shot my first wedding in 2015
-90s Jim Carrey is my soul animal
-I once grew a beard to my belly button just because

Benny Wylde Adelaide Wedding Photographer-1.jpg

My approach

Why me as your photographer?

I believe to capture people in their truest form you need to have a relaxed approach to a wedding, nothing too staged, nothing too forced just being present in the moment whether that is energetic or very chill, I'm there for it, all gas no brakes.

You want a 200 person wedding? Amazing! You want a 20 person intimate wedding? Perfect, I will be there. No fakeness, no imitating others, just me, a handful of digital and film cameras documenting the day as it unfolds.


I want a strong relationship, you are more than just a number to me, I want it to feel like you are hanging out with a friend on the day not just a random with a camera, I want to know all the little details, the vibe of the day, what you want out of it, working together to create your vision.

What nice things people say about me that I 100% didn't force them to say

Madi & Jamie

"100/10 I recommend Benny. He genuinely made our day more fun, and made the awkward prospect of taking photos super, super cruisy. Within 12 hours of the wedding I had some sneak peaks from him too. He went above and beyond (even dropped my drunken self and partner home), and I can't recommend him enough. (Oh, and he takes good photos too!)."

"We had the absolute pleasure of Benny capturing our wedding day and the images we received were beyond our wildest expectations. Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer but he is also an amazing human being who has the capacity to make you feel so calm and at ease throughout the entire wedding day. The experience on the day was next to none and then we received the images (beyond fast mind you) and such a perfect representation of us as a couple.We have no words to truly describe how grateful we are for Benny, would recommend him to anyone that wants wedding images that will blow your mind, a majestic bearded presence on the day and constant laughs"

Benny Wylde - Taylor & Grace  (410 of 558).jpg

Taylor & Grace

Benny Wylde - Madi & Jamie (190 of 495)_websize.jpg

"BENNY!!!! we have finally just been able to download them - we LOVE THEM so so much, thank you so much!!!!! You are so so incredible - the photos are all amazing, we love them so much, you have captured us so much in them - we so appreciate you being there for the day and capturing it so so well."

Rhi & Blake Teasers-37_websize.jpg

Rhi & Blake

Lauren & Brendan

"Benny was an absolute DREAM photographer. He totally understood our vibe and nailed the delivery. Not only were his photographs beautiful, atmospheric, and fun, he also made us feel so comfortable during the process. He captured so many little moments that really spoke to the love and fun of the day and his dance floor moments were magic! Not only did everything run super smoothly on the day, but Benny is such a chill guy, and was so easy to talk to and work with in the lead up to the wedding, which is so important when there's a million things to think about and people to speak to! Would recommend Benny 1000%!! Everything was beyond our wyldest dreams ;)"

Courtney & Charlie

"We first discovered Benny over 18 months before our wedding. We were attending a family wedding when this bearded legend approached us for photos. His cool, calm and collected nature was infectious. Fast forward to our big day and we knew Benny was going to be our Photographer. His creativity and ability to make everyone comfortable in front of a camera brought a level of energy and fun that is unmatched by anyone else. Plus the photos were epic and better than we could've ever imagined, especially given the rainy day we had! Benny even sent us sneak peaks within 24 hours-Look no further for Adelaide's best photographer."

Benny Wylde - Courtney & Charlie (448 of 679)_websize.jpg
Benny Wylde - Lauren & Brendan-532_websize.jpg
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